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  1. Lion: You've Got a Woman

  2. Tommy McGee: Now That I Have You b/w Stay With Me
    Tommy McGee

  3. Them Two: Am I A Good Man b/w Love Has Taken Wings

  4. Dry Bread: Yamar b/w Words to My Song
    Dry Bread

  5. Otis Brown: I’ve Got Another b/w Southside Chicago
    Otis Brown

  6. Penny & The Quarters: You And Me b/w Some Other Love
    Penny & The Quarters

  7. Trevor Dandy: Is There Any Love
    Trevor Dandy

  8. Group From Lutheran East: From the Files of Lonely Hearts (Take 1) b/w From the Files of Lonely Hearts (Take 3)
    Group From Lutheran East

  9. Little Ed: & The Soundmasters
    Little Ed & The Soundmasters

  10. Unknown Artist: Cemetary
    Unknown Artist

  11. Master Plan Inc.: Try It (You’ll Like It) b/w Intro
    Master Plan Inc.

  12. Renee Acker: If I Had A Magic Wand
    Renee Acker

  13. Young Senators: Jungle b/w That’s The Way It Is
    Young Senators

  14. Trinikas: Black Is Beautiful b/w Remember Me

  15. Funka Fize: Because You’re Funky b/w No Words
    Funka Fize

  16. Notations: I’m For Real b/w That Girl

  17. Perk Badger: Do Your Stuff Pt. 1 b/w Do Your Stuff Pt. 2
    Perk Badger

  18. Young Souls: Quit Waiting For Tomorrow To Come b/w Puppet On A String
    The Young Souls

  19. Calvin Harris: Love’s Recipe b/w Wives Get Lonely Too
    Calvin Harris

  20. Brown Bombers & Soul Partners: Wait For Me b/w Just Fun
    Brown Bombers & Soul Partners

  21. Signs Of The Time: Hurts So Bad b/w I Think Of You
    Signs of the Time

  22. Memphis Soul: Don't Down Me People Pt. 1 b/w Don't Down Me People Pt. 2
    Memphis Soul

  23. Reverb LTD: Please Love Me (Stereo) b/w Please Love Me (Mono)
    Reverb LTD

  24. Out of Sights: Tears Don't Care Who Cries b/w For the Rest of My Life
    Out of Sights

  25. Deacons & Fabulous Fascinators Feat. The Royal Revue: Sock It To Me b/w Is It Because I’m Black
    Deacons & Fabulous Fascinators

  26. James Dockery: My Faith In You Is All Gone b/w Giving You The Love You Need

  27. Young Senators: Ringing Bells (Sweet Music) Pt. 1 b/w Ringing Bells (Sweet Music) Pt. 2
    Young Senators

  28. Four Mints: No Longer b/w Endlessly
    Four Mints

  29. Ant Hill Mob: The Number Runner
    Ant Hil Mob

  30. Renaldo Domino: I’ll Get You Back b/w Two Years, Four Days
    Renaldo Domino

  31. Unnatural Funk Band: Strange Happenings b/w Living in the Past
    Unnatural Funk Band

  32. Triads: Now I Can Hold My Head Up High b/w If You’re Looking For Love

  33. Eddie Ray: Wait A Minute b/w Wait A Minute (Instrumental)
    Eddie Ray

  34. Bump And The Soul Stompers: I Can Remember b/w Standing On The Outside
    Bump And The Soul Stompers

  35. The Rollers: Knockin’ At The Wrong Door b / w One Little Piece
    The Rollers

  36. M.A.S.O.: Poon Tang Thump Pt. 1 b/w Poon Tang Thump Pt. 2

  37. The Shades: Santa Claus Is Coming to Town b/w Prancer's Got Some Red Spots
    The Shades


Eccentric Soul 45s

So much to discover here, and not all of it is confined to our ongoing 7-inch wanderings at the fringes of Numero's own flagship Eccentric Soul series. Rabbit holes are spelunked concerning Wee's "Try Me," which should by all means lead listeners to the Wee LP in our 1200 series. The Little Ed triple-45 box may not say "eccentric soul" on it, but damned if it isn't that and then some. ... more

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